So you want to fish Table Rock Lake

Posted on Wednesday 10th of March 2021 01:36 AM

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Well this year is looking to be a great year !! The Crappie are fat and sassy we have seen some awesome hauls from all over our area of the lake this spring – we are expecting all species of bass to be hot as well. According to the old and wise fisherman, even though it made us all miserable, the ice and cold will help bring on a nice hard bite. I don’t know about you but I always think the old guys give the best info. So what do you need to know? well that really depends who you ask – no one is going to direct you to their favorite honey hole but having some good information as to spawn, water temps ,and regulations will serve you well. If you are new to this lake , we always recommend heading out with a great guide the first time around, not only will they share a wealth of knowledge, you’ll have a great time and bring home a nice catch. Check out the following guys – all of them will pick you up right from our dock should you be staying at the resort: Tim at Shell Knob Outfitters,  Keegan at Magic Spot Fishing, Eric at Focused Fishing,  or Capt Rick at any of these guys will steer you in a great location and give you all the tools to be successful. If you are going it alone or have fished beautiful Table Rock Lake before here is a bit of info on when you can expect that much anticipated spawn to be happening. Keep in mind that the rivers, channels, edges and main body will have different temperatures so keep that in mind. 

Water temperature: Fish spawning times will vary for different species and can also vary depending on the size and depth of a waterway. As an example, largemouth bass prefer water temperatures between 60-75 degrees for spawning, while bluegill spawn when water temperatures are in the 75-85-degree range, while crappie will spawn generally in 68-72 degrees. 

Be sure to check out Missouri Fishing regulations here:

And get your license at a local tackle shop (along with some great tips) or here:

So whatever fish you are on the hunt for, you are sure to have a great time on Table Rock Lake, relax sit back and enjoy the view if nothing else. No matter if you catch a Lunker or not, it still beats a day of work.